AetherWorks is a software research & venture development firm based in New York City.

The AetherWorks mission is to bring original, high quality technology to market. We develop original software, invest in early stage companies that share our mission, and patent new technology.

AetherWorks specializes in distributed systems and has patented technology in software-defined storage and fog computing. We are currently building ActiveAether, a serverless computing platform that deploys software automatically for developers to computers across the globe. Learn more about how you could get paid for renting out computing resources at

The AetherWorks executive team is comprised of:

Dr. Robert F. MacInnis

Robert MacInnis, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Robert MacInnis, Ph.D., is CEO & Co-founder of FogCoin and ActiveAether, CEO & Founder of AetherWorks LLC, and Partner at BlueBear Capital. An expert in distributed systems and pioneer in Fog Computing, Robert holds several patents in the space, and previously built and brought to market AetherStore, distributed storage software, still in use by tens of thousands across the globe.

In tandem with ventures in online gaming software and location-based advertising, Robert completed his post-graduate research at the University of St Andrews and was awarded his Ph.D. in 2010 for a thesis entitled “A Scalable Architecture for the Demand-driven Deployment of Location-neutral Software Services”. His work is the foundation for the now-patented ActiveAether architecture enabling the FogCoin marketplace.

Robert received a B. Sc. Honours (First Class) in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews in 2005. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife, and is an all-star goalkeeper for the AetherWorks coed soccer team.

Allan P. Boyd

Allan Boyd

Chief Operating Officer

Allan has been COO at AetherWorks for the last 7 years and is Co-founder for distributed computing products FogCoin & ActiveAether, and AetherStore. Allan is on the board of advisors at mixed reality firm Eazel, is a member of the Forbes New York City Business Council, a contributor on the Forbes network, and co-author of the FogBlog at InfoWorld, by IDG.

He received a B.Sc. with Honors in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews in 2005, ranked the number one computer science program in the UK, and was the winner of the Enterprising Mathematics Scotland award.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Allan brings extensive experience in the wireless sector. He bootstrapped his first company, ITOnsite, where he won the Scottish Institute for Enterprise award for “Best Overall Business” in 2005. In 2008 he returned to wireless from finance to join the management team at Kelvin Connect. Overseeing the deployment of their solution throughout the UK, he led the company through its acquisition by Airwave Solutions, now Motorola, in 2011.

Outside of work, you’ll find Allan teaching his American children how to play cricket at parks throughout New York.

Shannon Cody

Shannon Cody

Marketing & Communications Manager

Shannon Cody is a Co-founder at ActiveAether and Marketing & Communications Manager at AetherWorks LLC. Shannon is experienced at marketing complex distributed systems software, and previously designed and executed the global marketing strategy for distributed storage solution, AetherStore, acquiring 30,000+ users within months of product launch.

Shannon is a member of the Open Fog Consortium’s Marketing Working Group, working alongside industry experts to facilitate the global adoption and interoperability of Fog Computing. She is also Co-organizer of the NYC Fog Computing Meetup. Her past experience includes work in advertising sales and digital marketing.

Shannon graduated from the University of Michigan with Distinction in 2012. She plays defense for AetherWorks’ coed soccer team, and is a proud dog parent to her Wheaten Terrier, Hobie.

We are currently working on:

AetherStore Logo

AetherStore: US Patent 9,542,466

AetherStore is a software-only storage solution that creates encrypted, redundant drives on demand by pooling unused space on the existing computers in a network. AetherStore has been deployed as an onsite backup target in hundreds of networks, and across thousands of machines. Visit


ActiveAether: US Patent 9,055,026

ActiveAether is a fog computing technology that utilizes locally available computing resources to streamline processing for high-traffic technology, such as for IoT devices. ActiveAether's patented technique for providing and consuming web services enables the demand-driven deployment of location-neutral software.

Areas of Interest

AetherWorks's other current areas of interest include machine learning, augmented reality, drones, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Recent Investments

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AetherWorks is building more than quality software.

As a small team, AetherWorks takes an interest in what each of our employees look for in a work environment. We designed and built our office to encourage collaboration amongst our team and provide comfortable spaces where employees can focus on getting work done.

We offer fully subsidized health and dental insurance, pension plan and 401k matching, stock options, pre-tax commuter transit benefits, flexible working hours, and generous paid vacation time, including extended company-wide leave over the holiday season.

AetherWorks employees are also encouraged to continue their career progression and take their experiences outside the office. Our members have attended events all over NYC and across the globe. For business development, employee education, or just for fun, AetherWorks makes a point to enable employees to make connections beyond the office.

To apply for one of our available positions, please send resume to

Available Positions:

Marketing Strategist

Senior Software Engineer

AetherWorks is located at:

501 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017
+1 (212) 518-1155

Press & Media Relations

Please contact Shannon Cody by email at or by telephone on +1 (212) 518-1155.